Now Foods Is One of the Major Distributors of Jojoba Oil and Products Containing Jojoba Oil

When searching the internet for jojoba oil and skin products containing jojoba oil, I found Now Foods showing up regularly in my searches. When I went to their website I discovered that not only do they sell different sizes of jojoba oil and pure jojoba oil but they carry a huge variety of products containing the oil. There products were in five primary brands: Now, Now Real Foods, Now Solutions, Now Sports and Better Stevia. Altogether they provide about 466 products containing the oil.

They have their products listed under Categories that range from Amino Acids to Women Specialty Products. They also break their items into Health Topics which range from Minerals through Weight Management to Vision. This makes searching to you to find what you want or might wish to try. Now they do not sell directly to the consumer but to retail outlets throughout the world. So to make things easier, when you find a product you want you can click the product and them provide to location and Now Foods will be able to provide the nearest Retail Company or outlet to purchase that product. This makes your search easier and faster.

If you are looking strictly for jojoba oil, Now Foods has a very good selection. They have 1, 4, 16 oz. bottles as well as 1 gallon. They also certified oil meaning it is certified organic. If you want oil for the skin, it is best to use the pure product instead of other skin product with the oil included in the skin care product. Some of the recommended ways to use pure jojoba oil is to use your favorite skin care product and put 3 drops per ounce of oil into it. Then shake it to blend it all together and use it that way.

If you decide to use Now Foods body oils your selection are as follows: avocado, castor, grapeseed, coconut, coco butter. The same thing can be done with body oils like was recommended for skin products. Take your favorite body oil put 2-3 drop of jojoba oil into it, shake well and use that way.

Outside of their pure oils they have a large variety of Aromatherapy oils containing jojoba. You can pretty much choose which scented oil you want to use. Here is what Now Foods offers: vanilla, jasmine, frankincense, lemongrass, lemon, eucalyptus, anise, lavender, tree tea, Cedar wood, Thyme, clove, balsam fir needle, chamomile, cinnamon, grapefruit, ginger, hyssop, lime, marjoram, nutmeg, peppermint, patchouli, spearmint, wintergreen, tangerine, oregano, rosemary, camphor, citronella, juniper berry, myrrh, geranium, basil, cypress, sandalwood, and almond.

Besides external products From Now Foods they also have products with jojoba oil for consumption or can be used in the mouth. They have lip balm, which I have used, toothpaste, and mouthwashes. As for the lip balm, I have used their product and have found that it not only keeps my lips from chapping but they remain silky smooth for days. Many lip balms need to be applied after a couple of hours because you usually lick your lips regularly. In a 10 hour day I only need to apply the balm in the morning and my lips remain protected and moist all day. This may not have the same results for others but for me this was my experience.

They have daily supplements as a soft-gel such as flax, castor, coconut, garlic, pumpkin seed, evening primrose, cod liver, salmon, macadamia, and herb & mushroom extract. They also have supplements for prenatal, cholesterol/cardiovascular, immune system support, joint pain and mobility, diet and weight management and prostate support. Along with these there are a large variety of vitamin supplements consisting of 28 herbal supplements from Ashwagandha extract to Yucca.

Of course before you purchase any product, do your own research prior to purchase. As good as Now Foods are with their products there may be ingredients in particular products that you may have allergies to. So please do your research before purchasing.

Children’s Birthday Present Ideas

Children’s birthdays are typically celebrated with foods, games, gifts and party themes. One thing that attendees should prepare in a party are gifts. Although giving gifts isn’t mandatory, the essence of the party itself is incomplete without something to offer to the celebrant. For the givers, choosing gifts should not cause any problem because birthday celebrants do not often mind the cost of the gifts they will receive. Rather, children tend to be more interested on the physical look and features underlying a certain thing that can make an interesting birthday gift.

There are some considerations however that needs your attention. Giving gifts especially during a child’s birthday party may vary according to the child’s age. Very common gift ideas are basic children’s stuff like toys, clothing, school supplies and accessories and the like. One of the best thing about children is they seem to be very contented where you can’t find any dissatisfaction as for their early age, they are yet indecisive and not meticulous.

Child’s first birthday party in particular, the gifts should fall under the age category of the child. For 1 year old babies, the gifts are likely to be baby’s clothing, toys, baby bottles and the like. However, these items needs to be extra safer for the child’s usage. As a result, most moms would prefer organic baby supplies which uses pure organic materials that are far more safe and healthier for babies. This can be a ground to delight the parents first instead of the child celebrant itself.

Baby gift baskets are one of the best birthday present idea to commemorate the child’s birthday. There are actually different choices to choose from but a basket filled with adorable baby products and supplies is simply a festive. Lots of items can be placed inside the basket such as clothing, feeding and bathing supplies, toys and even gifts for the parents. The basket however need not to be a typical basket, it could be a laundry basket, buckets, baby bath tub or any container that can hold numerous items. An advantage about the gift basket idea is, this is very easy to make. Containers that are mentioned earlier can be found at home, just add a little bit of creativity…then an adorable gift basket was created.

Of course, the party is not yet over without party favors. Party souvenirs are little things that lets the guests bring something that can remind them of the party. Typically, party favors for a baby’s 1st birthday are bibs, pacifiers, baby bottles filled with candies and chocolates, diapers and the like. Today, there are choices for these items that can be made customized like personalized ones. Parents can be able to monogrammed their baby’s initials or birthday date on the item – making it a special memorabilia for the guests. These items can be found at local specialty baby shop but wider choices are available online such as unique gift ideas that can make a one of a kind gift that guests would sure appreciate and remember over the years.

Stop Presentation Stress – Once and For All

Cope with Nerves

Stressed out about business presentations? Would you rather stay in bed, hide in the bathroom or find an excuse to leave work early than get up in front of a group?

For anyone looking for strategies to reduce fear of public speaking, a new webinar training series will help you calm down, reduce stress and handle presentations like a pro.

As a professional, it’s your job to give presentations. Most likely, all day – every day. Most people find that as they advance in their career, so does the number of presentations on their calendar.

But there is always the fear that shows up before getting up on stage. It may show up as nervous jitters, dry throat, upset stomach, nausea or sweaty palms.

Here are 7 tips to conquer nervous stress about presenting and public speaking – so you can rise in your career without having your blood pressure rise too!

1. Picture Success
Imagine vividly the positive outcomes of your speech. This could be applause, approval of your proposal, or winning a big contract. Perhaps your boss will finally notice how much value you bring to the team. Whatever motivates you and gives you a warm happy feeling – picture that!

2. Rename Nervous Energy
Feeling nervous can be a good thing. It’s a sign of positive excitement and adrenaline. This is necessary for peak performance. Rename the symptoms as a good sign and you’re much more likely to accept the sensations and move forward.

3. Hold Onto a Marker
The first moments of presenting can be when you feel most uncertain. Hold onto a marker – and head to a flipchart or whiteboard. Use your marker to steady yourself. This is also a great way to plan for specific steps and visual maps to structure your talk.

4. Pause
Pause before you speak. This makes you look, well, presidential. Many executives, politicians and leaders know this trick. Pause. It could be the most important thing you do.

While you’re gathering yourself, your audience is also focusing on you. Command the space during your pause. Then, you’ll feel much more ready to move ahead.

5. Breathe Slowly
Slow down your breath. Some people find that counting inhalations and exhalations is an effective way to slow down and calm down. Experiment to find your own comfort zone.

6. Structure Your Story
A clear roadmap for your presentation is a great stress reducer. Once you know what you’re going to say, do and draw, it’s a lot easier to handle the amount of time you have in front of a group. If you aren’t 100% sure how to structure a compelling story, take a professional training webinar to find out.

7. Review What Worked
After every presentation, ask yourself a single question: “What worked?” This will help you build a set of personal best practices. Instead of trying to remember a complicated set of expert rules, you’ll have your own private collection of what works for you.

Presenting in front of groups is a part of professional life. By learning techniques and tips to get comfortable you are positioning yourself for career success.

Just like many parts of professional life, measurement is a terrific motivator. Learn the tricks of the trade by recording your own progress in overcoming stress. Simple ways to increase measurement include tracking:

1. How many presentations are you giving a week?
2. What techniques are helping you reduce stress?
3. How many presentation training webinars are you attending?
4. What best practices work best for you?
5. How often are you getting expert feedback from a coach?

See how this works? And here’s the best news: A small amount of learning, tracking and personal feedback has a big impact!