Now Foods Is One of the Major Distributors of Jojoba Oil and Products Containing Jojoba Oil

When searching the internet for jojoba oil and skin products containing jojoba oil, I found Now Foods showing up regularly in my searches. When I went to their website I discovered that not only do they sell different sizes of jojoba oil and pure jojoba oil but they carry a huge variety of products containing the oil. There products were in five primary brands: Now, Now Real Foods, Now Solutions, Now Sports and Better Stevia. Altogether they provide about 466 products containing the oil.

They have their products listed under Categories that range from Amino Acids to Women Specialty Products. They also break their items into Health Topics which range from Minerals through Weight Management to Vision. This makes searching to you to find what you want or might wish to try. Now they do not sell directly to the consumer but to retail outlets throughout the world. So to make things easier, when you find a product you want you can click the product and them provide to location and Now Foods will be able to provide the nearest Retail Company or outlet to purchase that product. This makes your search easier and faster.

If you are looking strictly for jojoba oil, Now Foods has a very good selection. They have 1, 4, 16 oz. bottles as well as 1 gallon. They also certified oil meaning it is certified organic. If you want oil for the skin, it is best to use the pure product instead of other skin product with the oil included in the skin care product. Some of the recommended ways to use pure jojoba oil is to use your favorite skin care product and put 3 drops per ounce of oil into it. Then shake it to blend it all together and use it that way.

If you decide to use Now Foods body oils your selection are as follows: avocado, castor, grapeseed, coconut, coco butter. The same thing can be done with body oils like was recommended for skin products. Take your favorite body oil put 2-3 drop of jojoba oil into it, shake well and use that way.

Outside of their pure oils they have a large variety of Aromatherapy oils containing jojoba. You can pretty much choose which scented oil you want to use. Here is what Now Foods offers: vanilla, jasmine, frankincense, lemongrass, lemon, eucalyptus, anise, lavender, tree tea, Cedar wood, Thyme, clove, balsam fir needle, chamomile, cinnamon, grapefruit, ginger, hyssop, lime, marjoram, nutmeg, peppermint, patchouli, spearmint, wintergreen, tangerine, oregano, rosemary, camphor, citronella, juniper berry, myrrh, geranium, basil, cypress, sandalwood, and almond.

Besides external products From Now Foods they also have products with jojoba oil for consumption or can be used in the mouth. They have lip balm, which I have used, toothpaste, and mouthwashes. As for the lip balm, I have used their product and have found that it not only keeps my lips from chapping but they remain silky smooth for days. Many lip balms need to be applied after a couple of hours because you usually lick your lips regularly. In a 10 hour day I only need to apply the balm in the morning and my lips remain protected and moist all day. This may not have the same results for others but for me this was my experience.

They have daily supplements as a soft-gel such as flax, castor, coconut, garlic, pumpkin seed, evening primrose, cod liver, salmon, macadamia, and herb & mushroom extract. They also have supplements for prenatal, cholesterol/cardiovascular, immune system support, joint pain and mobility, diet and weight management and prostate support. Along with these there are a large variety of vitamin supplements consisting of 28 herbal supplements from Ashwagandha extract to Yucca.

Of course before you purchase any product, do your own research prior to purchase. As good as Now Foods are with their products there may be ingredients in particular products that you may have allergies to. So please do your research before purchasing.

Postcard Printing – Presenting Newsletters in Style

Postcard printing has gone a long way since 1861 when John P. Charlton first patented the postcard in Philadelphia. The medium serves a lot of purpose these days. It can be used both for personal and business purposes. It even has an electronic version that contains a lot of graphics and animations.

People have seen the potential of this material that they have used it in many ways. Sending your love to your family and acquaintances that live far has become more creative through the use of picture postcards. Even up to this day when people are equipped with the latest gadgets that can send images in a jiffy to people around the globe, postcards still bring a different feel. It is more personal. It is more felt.

For such reason, business owners have learned to gain the advantages that postcards present. For one, this is an affordable route. They can have their cards printed and even personalized to suit each of their client’s preferences. And postcards can be used in different ways to help the entrepreneur in ways they want to be served.

A Different Kind of Newsletter
Do you send out newsletters to your clients? How sure are you that people are able to read your messages? The conventional kinds of newsletters vary from one page, two-folds or tri-fold paper material that contain the company’s announcements regarding events and promotions. Newsletters update the business’ clients and probable ones about what’s new with the company. The material provides them with information about the current state as well as the future happenings with the company.

But the multi-pages newsletters may not be appealing to everyone. If people still have to read all though the material to get your point, you are lucky if they will even open the envelope or unfold your letter for them to view its entirety.

This tool also has an electronic version. This medium is easier to distribute and less costly. You can send out pertinent information through email to the people who may be interested with what you have to say. But the main disadvantage of this is that you cannot control every Internet setting of all the names on your list. As a result, your email may be directed to the spam folder which your clients may not care to even look at.

For you to be able to conquer these obstacles, you must come up with variations that will help you get your message out there in ways that people will read and understand them. This is where postcard printing can help you out. You can use this type to contain your company newsletter. But you must remember the following.

o Be concise. Use the limited space to point out the most important facts that you want people to know about.

o Be different. Make sure that you will be able to capture the attention of your recipients by presenting your card in a different manner.

o Be clear. Before you head on to the printing company that will process your materials, look over your design to take note that it is complete. Read aloud your message to hear if it sounds real and convincing. Include a call to action, as well as your complete contact details.

Giving out newsletters to your specific list will never be the same again with the advent of postcard printing. Let this tool aid you to materialize your dreams to succeed and last in the industry you are in.

Five Ways to Spot a Great Product

One of the challenges to working online is the huge number of choices we have. While more is sometimes better, when it comes to choosing which tools to use to run or establish your online business, things can get confusing… fast.

Sometimes more is not really better – it’s just more.

Take autoresponders for example. There are countless companies selling autoresponder services, more sites selling autoresponder scripts, and even more “back office” situations where an autoresponder is built in.

But you really only need ONE autoresponder account to run your online business.

Talk about overkill!

When it comes to “how to” information the problem grows by leaps and bounds. Many people belong to three, four, five or even more sites all teaching the same basic concepts and principles. Confusion and information overload set in because each site focuses on one method as being the holy grail of marketing.

If marketer A says that pay per click is the only way to go and marketer B says that solo ads are the only way and marketer C says that social media is where it’s at the consumer (YOU) becomes confused.

The facts are different. There is no ONE method that stands above the others. Successful online marketing is almost always made up of using many methods to reach an overall goal. While solo ads are powerful, solo ads and pay per click and follow up emails and social media become an unstoppable (and very automated) way to sell any product online.

The real key to success comes when you tailor ALL of these methods into a plan designed for you and you alone.

Not people “like” you but rather YOU.

That said, with so many products out there, and more being introduced every day, how can we spot a GREAT product, and avoid wasting money online?

Here are the five things I look for when buying products.


Considering the source of a product has become a MAJOR factor in buying things online… especially when buying information.

My bottom line here is simplicity itself – if the person selling the information has not proven that they can do what they propose I should do I don’t buy. Simple. I need to see a track record, not a screenshot of a ClickBank account for the last six weeks.

One example: There is a LARGE group of people pushing “how to make money” products who have never made a dime online. I know, because I talk to these people often when they ask me to do a joint venture. If you buy something from this group you might get your money’s worth but you might not.

Even if you buy their product and then get a refund because they mislead you the entire experience will have wasted your time. And you can’t afford that. You can make more money but you can’t make more time.

Here are two quick ways to know if a source is reliable.

  • Look at their sites. If they have a hyped-up site that promises the moon, look out. Even worse, if they don’t have their own domain, run… don’t walk.
  • If you are concerned, or don’t know the person, try to contact them. How they handle your contact will speak volumes about who they are trying to serve, you or themselves.

If a site owner answers every question with “buy my product” (or worse – doesn’t answer) hide your Visa and count your blessings that you found out BEFORE you paid.

You should expect real help BEFORE the sale happens. While you can’t expect them to give you their product you can and should expect them to say that they feel it will work for you based on YOUR set of circumstances.

If you are not sure if a product is right for you by all means ASK. It’s the only way to know for sure before you buy and begin spending time using a product.


This is an absolute essential in my book. If someone offers a 30 day guarantee, I usually won’t buy. The reason for this is two-fold.

  • If they won’t stand behind what they sell for more than 30 days, it really does indicate that they are not in business for the long haul.
  • It sometimes takes me 30 days just to TRY what I’ve bought. Like you, I’m busy. And the worst thing is to be busy, delay trying something, find out it won’t work for you, and then get stuck because you had to wait.

Look for a rock-solid guarantee when shopping online as well as a company with a reputation for honoring their guarantee.

HINT: One reason ClickBank is so successful is that they are the ones who issue refunds, not the vendor. You are always protected when buying a ClickBank product.


When I say “need” I don’t mean a basic need like food, but rather, will it help me accomplish my goals?

The real key here is to know what you need.

Sometimes a great product is one that saves time. Sometimes it helps you save money or make money. Some products do all three, saving you time and money and helping you make money as well. Those products usually pass the test of time.

The bottom line here is simple – does this product meet a pressing need in your life right now? If yes, move forward with your decision-making process. If not, no matter how great their sales letter is, the time is not right for you to buy.

HINT: Sometimes we buy products not so much for what the primary product does but for one of the other benefits we get from buying the product.


This is, of course, for after you have bought, but it’s still a valid point. If you bought something that does not perform as promised, don’t just give up or get a refund. Ask the site owner for help first.

Products today, especially membership sites, are somewhat complicated. Many membership sites offer so much information that a new member can feel overwhelmed. So why would a site owner do that? In most cases it needs to serve beginners, intermediate and advanced marketers alike. To do that requires lots of information. Look for a Quick Start Guide, a trend that’s catching on among many site owners.

There are many products that will work like wings once we know what they are supposed to do. If you don’t understand how to use what you bought, or have questions, be sure to ask.

If you find it does not work as promised, of if you can’t get the support you deserve, return it and find something else that will meet your needs.


The trend among marketers today is to create ever more expensive products. Two years ago products often cost $47 or $67. Today it’s not unusual to see $497, $997, or even $2000 priced products.

If these products deliver BIG value, then the price is fine. But for MANY people, $500 is an impossible amount to spend.

Before you spend your hard earned money, take a look to see if you really can afford it, and if the product is reasonably priced.

Here are the questions I ask just before buying – sort of my “great product checklist” if you will.

  • Do I need this right now?
  • Do I already own something similar that will do the job?
  • Is the person selling this product credible? Are they an authority in their field?
  • Will I use this? (In other words, will I take the time to learn the system so I can profit from it?)
  • Are there others who use and like this product? (I do read the testimonials)
  • Am I protected if this does not work out?
  • Is there any reason to NOT buy this right now?

If a product passes those tests I will move forward, feeling confident in my choices.

So there you have it – my five guidelines for finding great products to use in your business. Use these five guidelines when you shop online and you’ll not only find GREAT products, but you’ll pay less too.

And that’s a beautiful combination!