How to Give Your Best Nutrition Presentation in 2012

You must follow these essential tips for your next Nutrition Presentation! Let’s polish our current skills or learn new ones. Whether you’ve heard these before or not, these are important points you can’t ignore.

Rehearse your Nutrition Presentation over and over again!

Be prepared to practice your presentation out loud.

Rehearse in front of a familiar and potentially frightening audience. Do this at least once. This could include your family, friends, partners, co-workers and/or children. They’ll probably let you know how you could improve – as well as offer you encouragement and support.

(REMINDER: keep a note of the time it takes you to give your presentation. Leave time at the end for a question & answer period. You don’t want your presentation to be too long or too short.

Respect the time agreed upon by the person/company who hired you. If you’ve rented a room, you don’t want to go past the time allotted for the room. It doesn’t look professional.)

Identify three key messages & structure your Nutrition Presentation around that!

Assume your audience is only expected to recall three key messages from your presentation. Determine what these three things will be ahead of time.

For instance, if your presentation is about Sports Nutrition – give your audience three strategies necessary to improve their performance.

1. Stay properly hydrated

2. Stress the importance of protein after a workout

3. Make sure you snack regularly

There are plenty more reasons!

Other examples; three weight loss strategies, three antioxidant rich foods, three food which may enhance your memory or three ways to boost your energy.

Use Visual Aids for your Nutrition Presentation

You are the primary visual aid – but using additional visual aids will add to the success of your presentation. If used properly, having an outstanding Nutrition PowerPoint presentation prepared is an extremely important tool.

Individuals learn in various ways; however, studies show that the majority (over half) of the population are visual learners. You’re more likely to get your message across to your participants if you use visual aids.

Record yourself (Video and/or Audio)

A very simple thing you can do to help you with your presentation is to videotape or tape record yourself when practicing your Nutrition Presentation. You can’t fix something that may be harming your presentation if you don’t know about it.

Maybe you’ll realize you say “um”, “ah” or “like” a lot. Maybe you move your hands excessively.

Instead of saying these non-words, try to simply pause instead. A pause gives your audience a chance to let what you just said “sink-in”.

Using your hands too much can be distracting to the audience. Practice with your hands if you need to.

Try these four things before your next presentation. I am positive you’ll have more success in your next Nutrition Presentation.