Drugs in Tap Water – A Present Threat

Associated Press has found, in their recent investigation, drugs in tap water supplies of many major cities. Prescription drugs such as estrogen, sex hormones, radiation or chemotherapy prescriptions, painkillers, mood stabilizers, heart medicine, antibiotics and other drugs in tap water are a present threat.

Bottled water companies are not regulated, as long as it is bottled water, it can even come from a tap, as bottled water, is just that-bottled water. That means there are probably drugs in tap water, used by these companies, and sold to you, when you are assuming they would be safe or filtered. In fact, a new brand, NY Tap prides itself on just that, but New York’s water supply contained heart medicine, antibiotics, estrogen, tranquilizers and mood stabilizers.

The EPA admits that there are no treatment plants for removing drugs in tap water, as it would be too costly. Although, studies have shown evolutionary changes in fish and wildlife over the past several years, no actions have been taken to remove drugs in tap water, as the public water suppliers are recycling sewage treatment water into tap water to conserve water.

Reclaimed water presently sits in a settling pool, where settlement of many things in the water, go to the bottom. Drug molecules and chemicals from such things as shampoo, soap and cleaning products may not break down or may sometimes counteract each other. There is no assurance of drugs in tap water being removed now or anytime in the near future.

Reverse osmosis and household filtration systems can remove drugs in tap water, and there are many affordable systems available. There are filtration systems that attach to your kitchen faucet, filters that attach to drinking bottles, where you can make your own bottled water. These are safe methods, to assure the removal of drugs in tap water.

Many public water supplies add chlorine for purification, which can make some chemicals or drugs more toxic. You may think that the government, EPA and other agencies are looking out for this danger, but the fact is- the Safety Water Act, designed for the public’s safety, only tests for nitroglycerin and that is because it can be made into explosives. They do not test for any other drugs in tap water.

With a 12% increase in drug sales in the United States over the past 5 years, and an aging population, the problem is going to get worse. Now is the time for your own home water treatment options for removal of drugs in tap water. Some people are opting for whole house treatment options, as taking warm showers opens your pores and allows for chemical and drug absorptions. These systems can use reverse osmosis or other means to remove drugs in tap water.

Now is the time to take matters into our own hands, and it is an affordable, easy thing to give us peace of mind, by removing drugs in tap water, at our kitchen sink faucet, through use of a home water filtration system.