Being Fully Present

Have you ever given thought to how effective you are when your attention is divided into many places at one time? I’m sure we can all relate to the feeling of discord or a pulling on the inside that tells us that we may not be making any significant difference at that moment, however that feeling is something that can easily be ignored. I mean it’s not like we have a thermostat or a measuring guide to tell us how much we are losing by trying to place our attention in two places at one time. Yet that is exactly what we are doing. It’s like were robbing Peter to pay Paul by trying to be in two places at one time. Of course there are different degrees in how this is done and in some cases it just can’t be helped.

No I’m talking about when you are out on a date night with your significant loved one and your attention is at the office, or you are on the phone and not at all in the moment, adding dimension to your conversation with that loved one you’re out with. Or perhaps you are guilty of being on the computer roaming the internet and posting things on social media sites whilst you are in a meeting or worse still with a client. You may not see it, but wherever you are meant to show up and you don’t show up by being fully present, people notice. That’s right they can see. Most of our communication is felt or seen before it reaches the verbal realm. You don’t have to be the brightest person to realise someone has left the conversation. It also doesn’t matter how we feel about being there, in other words there is no real justification for not being fully present but pretending to be. Our actions will always be about us and as much as we’d like to put it on others we are always in a state of becoming in every moment we act on our thoughts.

The questions we could be asking ourselves is what am I saying about me when I am not fully present in a place where I said I was going to be? Is this something I value and if so how am I showing up for what I say I value?

The truth is when we say we value something whether it is our health, relationship, our work or clientele and we step out on those things on a repeated basis then we are really stepping out on ourselves. Whilst it may appear as though we don’t value the thing we say we do or the person whom we say we value. The most harm is done to ourselves because we are actually stepping out on ourselves. Through our actions we are saying that we don’t need to be fully present because we don’t make any significant difference when we are present, so why be present.

On the other hand making it a practice to be fully present brings you compounded results of success and although every moment counts; those are the moments that will have the best impact. Those moments when we are fully present will be the moments that miracles are created. Those are the moments the universe will yield to us and become all that we hoped for.

As we define and redefine our values it would be good to take note of what our intentions are regarding those values if we hope to be successful at valuing them. Every model of success that has ever been achieved has in common the need for focus attention, for without it there would be no success. So understanding that we may want to amend some situations and perhaps let go of some of the things that we can’t give our fullest attention and become focused, because success is determined where we give our full attention. So let’s strive in all that we do to be here now!

“Showing up where we are supposed to and living in the moment and giving life and everyone around us our very best are the best moments we can ever live”. – Donniece Greene-Smith

6 Stages To Better Presentations

Whether you are making a presentation, to an audience of one, twenty, fifty, one hundred, or thousands, wouldn’t you want to give the best, possible ones, in order to articulate your message, effectively, and in the most inspiring, motivating manner? Every day, whether we recognize and realize it, or not, we are presenting ourselves, in some meaningful way. This article, therefore, will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, the six stages of giving the best possible presentation, in order, to better, make our central points, while inspiring and motivating others, to care more, about, whatever we are presenting.

1. Open/ welcome: You will only get one chance to make a first impression. If your audience isn’t welcomed, and you don’t entice them, interest them, and show, immediately, you will benefit them, from listening and paying attention, your possibilities for giving a meaningful presentation, may be lost, before you, really, even, begin! Be welcoming, friendly, and show, your objective, is to make, your time, spent together, valuable and meaningful! Let them know, what you, will be discussing, and how it might benefit them.

2. Let them know what to expect!: Using some sort of audio – visual, and/ or presentation tool, present your agenda, and, the rules/ guidelines (or what many refer to, as the housekeeping matters). Indicate, approximately, when you will have breaks, and the general topics, for each component of this event.

3. Interactive: The more, the presenter, gets his audience involved, the better, the event will go! Interactive presenting means, truly, involving audience members, for many reasons. Doing so, makes others, pay more attention, connected, and, studies prove, learn the materials, involved! It’s, obviously, far more challenging, for an attendee, to become disengaged, when, you use this approach!

4. Organized/ focus: Learn, as much as possible, about your audience, so you can make your talk, more appealing, and relevant, to them! Proceed, in a clear – cut, focused, organized manner, so, it is easier for others, to pay keen attention, and, thus, learn more effectively, and thoroughly.

5. Crux of matter/ points: From the onset, provide an over – view, so others, know and understand, the crux of the matter, and, proceed, in a point – by – point manner, so, they become more capable of knowing, the difference between the most meaningful information, and lesser items. Clearly demonstrate, how much, you appreciate and cherish/ value, their time!

6. Grand finale: Always, leave them, wanting more, while feeling, their time, was well spent! Sum up, the main points, and, answer questions, address concerns, and hopefully, you will have given a great presentation.

True leaders develop the skills, abilities, aptitude, and attitude, which makes them better, and more effective. How one presents his message, is an important aspect of quality leadership!

Purchasing The Right Baby Presents

When a family is expecting a new baby there is a tremendous expense involved. Not just for the crib, stroller and other large items but for the small things that are needed as well. Fortunately, for many such families, there are usually baby presents that fill many of these needs.

Gifts for babies, that are on the market today, come in very attractive packages. There are matching girl and boy outfits, colorful blankets and practical things, such as feeding sets, bottles and diapers. When purchasing gifts for such an occasion there are a number of things one should consider. The size to purchase, for example, should be considered carefully.

With newborns, it should be remembered that they grow very rapidly. In addition, it is not unusual to have one weigh 8 to 10 pounds at birth. Newborn clothing, as a rule, is manufactured to fit up to approximately 9 pounds. This information will be found on the clothing packaging.

Considering the rapid growth, that babies experience in the first few months of their life, a ‘newborn’ garment would not be used for very long. This is why, in thrift store, one often sees brand new items of this size for sale. The baby can only have their clothes changed a certain number of times a day and usually some sort of a plain nightgown is used.

Therefore, to be practical, if purchasing clothing for a new baby, always purchase the 9 months to a year size. This will allow time for the baby to have their rapid growth spurt and then be at a size where the clothing will fit and will be used. Nightgowns are always appreciated as they often have to be changed many times a day.

Another very practical, and appreciated, gift is a basket of usable items. This would include such things as powder, safety pins, wash cloths, baby oil and other things that are needed daily. Of course, diapers for newborns are always welcomed as they will be used and a large number is needed. Crib sheet sets are not only practical but also appreciated as they must be changed on a regular basis.

If purchasing a gift for older babies one should always be careful regarding safety items. Small things that could be put in the mouth, causing choking, or any item that is dangerous should be avoided. Always be sure that the gift is ‘age appropriate’. This information is usually printed on the outside of an item purchased. Baby presents are fun to buy and are always something one knows will be welcomed and used.